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Posted 14 Jul '16

APA (NSW) Member Update – Accumulated Hours

APA (NSW) Member Update

‘Accumulated Hours’

15th July 2016

Accumulated Hours! Myth or Fact is dependent upon with whom you are speaking.  APA (NSW) has been running a continuing dispute with NSWA since its registration as a Trade Union; we hold the view these hours exist only in the minds of Ambulance Managers.

APA (NSW) has continually challenged the employer on whether ‘accumulated hours’ actually exists.  Even to the point of inviting them to make public its purported position that paramedics are being paid 6 hours pay every roster cycle for hours they are not obliged to work.  We have no doubt this would provide opportunity for our members to show the failure of NSWA  auditing tools in line with their own policy directives has led to the current situation where accounted hours shows such a massive shortfall of hours worked.

When you look at the options, a quite resolution to the matter would remain the most palatable for the decision makers.  APA (NSW) has continued to be vigilant in protecting the rights of our members who are affected and have maintained a position of being available for consultation for the purposes of true clarity toward paramedic work hours and also the failed recognition of those hours as identified in the numerous updates to the membership.

On the 14th of July 2016 your delegates once again attended NSWA Headquarters for discussion on this very subject however due to circumstances beyond our control the matter was not able to be pursued.

Make no mistake, APA (NSW) is very much aware the time for the conclusion of the existing Status Quo is nearing an end and we believe by the commencement of 2017 a balanced roster of a 9 week cycle will appear and be in place.

NSWA as we have all agreed is entitled to an average of 38 hours worked over a cycle period and we believe this is currently met but not recorded.

Balanced rosters will mean it will be unreasonable:

To direct you to commence work prior to your allocated shift time! To direct you to have your unit ready to roll at the commencement of shift! To direct you to sign medications out prior to your commencement of shift! To direct you to sign medications back in outside your shift hours unless on overtime! To direct you to attend NSWA meetings outside of the boundaries of the award!

While NSWA believe they have an answer to these issues the proof will be in the pudding and we would encourage our members to avoid propping up the system in a fashion that would grossly affect a capacity to fairly analyses the result of any planned changes.

APA (NSW) is also mindful of the fact to achieve this NSWA will be looking at Metro Roster Reform and it will be important for the union to be informed on any adverse effect suggested changes might have on our members.

Regards, APA (NSW) Executive Your Choice, Your Voice

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