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Posted 15 Dec '16

APA (NSW) Member Update – Accumulated Hours & Metro Rosters

APA (NSW) Member Update

Accumulated Hours & Metro Rosters

Friday 16 December 2016


Dear Member,

As you are aware from our previous update, NSW Ambulance (NSWA) has been in discussions with APA (NSW) to vary the award to allow for ‘4×5’ a roster pattern that will ‘balance.’ Based on feedback from members in the past, the resolution APA (NSW) has supported is for the shift length to be increased to 12 hours and 15 minutes (Monday to Saturday). The extra 15 minutes is to allow for the work which staff have historically undertaken prior to the formal commencement of their shift to be undertaken. 
While APA (NSW) considers the accumulated hours matter to be a standalone issue, NSWA’s current proposal is conditional on acceptance of additional factors which are:

 Work Instruction
NSWA agreed to put together a Work Instruction in consultation with the Union to set out the work that employees would have to carry out in the additional 15 minutes. This was as a result of APA (NSW) raising concerns that we wanted to ensure paramedics were carrying out essential commencement of shift duties during the 15 minutes, so that they would not be required to continue to commence working prior to their start time to undertake these duties. APA (NSW) continues consultation with respect to the Work Instruction as representatives still hold reservations about the work instruction in its current form. 
Staggered rosters
Last week you would have seen additional detail about the staggered rosters that NSWA is proposing in an email form Executive Director of Service Delivery.
Initial feedback form members indicated that there is opposition to aspects of the patterns provided, particularly with the 8.45am start time. This feedback was provided to NSWA in recent meeting with suggestions on how to improve the patterns for paramedics. NSWA has indicated that it is their position that the proposed structure of start times will be the only option and have asked APA (NSW) to provide a view based on this.

6 Hours of Training
As a means of recouping some of the 6 hour shortfall per roster cycle, which NSWA claims are owed for 2016 calendar year, the NSWA is proposing a one off unpaid 6 hours of training.  In order to so do, the NSWA is relying on an administrative standard from 2014 which they indicate will allow them to direct paramedics on ‘4×5 rosters to undertake training for up to 6 hours with no additional pay. Other than the proposed 6 hours, the current proposal by NSWA is not asking for any other hours in past years to be repaid.
While APA (NSW) believes that training is important, particularly in this situation where NSWA have indicated part of it will be to familiarise paramedics with the new Paramedic Response Centre (PRC), we believe that paramedics should be paid for the training. APA (NSW) has maintained from the beginning of the issue that staff do not owe any hours as they have already worked in excess of the requirements by starting early prior to their shifts.

Member Survey
APA (NSW) now wishes to get further feedback from our members regarding the current NSWA proposal via a member survey. We encourage all members to participate in the survey to indicate their views on the proposal. This survey will be sent to you via email shortly. 


APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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