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Posted 19 Sep '16

APA (NSW) Member Update – Myth Busters: D&D Protections

APA (NSW) Member Update
Myth Busters: D&D Protections

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Dear Member,

It is very disappointing to see that a registered industrial organisation is attempting to discredit the hard work of APA (NSW) in what we can only assume is an attempt to increase their own membership. Due to the malicious propaganda put out by this industrial organisation with respect to APA (NSW)’s involvement in the D&D negotiations, subsequent IRC proceedings and APA (NSW)’s ongoing commitment to fighting for better protections for our paramedics, we now provide the following myth buster.

Myth 1: “APA (NSW) agreed to IP scheme” – FALSE!

APA (NSW) did not agree to the current IP scheme. The IRC approved the Award application without the consent of either the HSU or APA (NSW). Unfortunately the constraints contained in the review clause in the old D&D Award, negotiated by the HSU and MoH, greatly limited the options available through the IRC process.

Myth 2: “APA (NSW) welcomed an 85% allowance offered by Ministry of Health” – FALSE!

During negotiations winding up the scheme was considered, the MoH offered to pay 85% of their contribution to the scheme as an allowance to paramedics.  APA (NSW) made it clear that if winding up was the decision voted by members, we would accept no less than 100%.

Myth 3: “APA (NSW) was going to ‘give in’ to 3 year IP scheme offer in the IRC” – FALSE!

APA (NSW) and its legal team knew that the IRC process would not result in a scheme that met our needs and that any decision in the IRC was only an interim measure while we fought for a better scheme in other arenas. We knew that we could only achieve a better outcome outside of the IRC through lobbying the NSW Government. We therefore went into the IRC matter hoping to achieve the best interim measure possible. During the proceedings, the MoH offered us 3 year income protection instead of the 2 years you currently have. Knowing that the 2 years was the best that was going to achieved through arbitration, APA (NSW) were keen to achieve this improved interim coverage for our members.  Unfortunately, we were unable to do so due to the other industrial organisation using the proceedings for political purposes instead of putting their members best interests first.

Myth 4: “APA (NSW) has taken a passive stance on D&D protections” – FALSE!

APA (NSW) takes obtaining better protections for our members very seriously. APA (NSW) continues to actively lobbying NSW politicians and local MPs. We have also been working with the media to put pressure on the Government and keep paramedic’s issues in front of NSW communities. Whilst we respect other industrial organisation’s rights to try achieve outcomes for their members as they see fit, it does not mean that their method is the only way, or indeed the best way to achieve better outcomes for paramedics. APA (NSW) is doing what it believes is right, our way, to ensure better protections for our members. We will continue to work hard for our members. We are an association for paramedics by paramedics.

Myth 5: ” APA (NSW) did not support industrial action carried out by HSU by way of banning non-urgent and R3 transports before the IRC” – FALSE!

Whilst APA (NSW) had concerns with the banning of R3 transports, we did not relay to the IRC that we were against it. Simply, we outlined to the IRC that we had not instructed our members to carry out this type of industrial action but that we support better protections for our paramedics. In this case, the IRC made a formal order against the HSU banning them from carrying out this industrial action. APA (NSW) helped to achieve a shorter timeframe (3 months) for this ban on the HSU. As previously outlined, while we may not agree on strategy we do support the right of other industrial organisations to try achieve better outcomes for workers.

Myth 6: “APA (NSW) has directed its members to refrain from writing on NSW Ambulances” – FALSE!    We did not instruct our members to refrain, we informed our members that we had not instructed them to write on NSW Ambulances. However, whilst we have not instructed our members on this matter, we respect our members rights to act on informed choices and we will continue to support them.
Myth 7: “APA (NSW) is associated with the Liberal Government” – FALSE!

APA (NSW) is an apolitical organisation. We were founded as an apolitical organisation and we remain an apolitical organisation. The reason that we chose to be apolitical is so that we are not restrained politically and are therefore able to achieve the best outcomes for our members. The repeated claims that we are affiliated with any Government party are false. We are a not for profit organisation, founded by paramedics for paramedics, whose funding is independent of any political organisation and whose funds do not contribute to any political organisation.

APA (NSW) hopes that this puts an end to this misinformation and that both organisations can now focus on looking after our members.

APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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