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Posted 15 Jan '19

APA (NSW) Member Update: NSW Ambulance Backs Down on Direction to Force Annual Leave

Dear Member,

NSW Ambulance (NSWA) has informed APA (NSW) that their attempt to force
staff to take annual leave was made in ‘error’. However, they have been
unable to explain how an error that breaches the award was allowed to occur.

Annual leave is an entitlement that allows us to spend time away and unwind
from our stressful roles. It is a vital for ensuring the long term well-being of
staff. We have always balanced the entitlement to annual leave with ensuring
that our communities get the highest level of care.

Any staff who have been approached regarding excessive leave balances,
should notify managers of their rights under the Award and find a mutually
agreeable time to utilise the leave. Any direction to take annual leave should
be a last resort, if NSWA is serious about their commitment to our CORE

APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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