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Posted 31 Aug '16

APA (NSW) Member – Update PRN Staff Assignment

APA (NSW) Member Update

PRN Staff Assignment

Thursday 01 September 2016

Dear Members,

Sydney based paramedics had long been waiting to find out details of how the Paramedic Response Network (PRN) will impact them personally and the communities they work and live in. Additional information came to light yesterday when the staff assignments were circulated to employees. Although there are still many uncertainties, the document makes it clear which stations will not operate as they currently do.

APA (NSW) has had many meetings with NSW Ambulance (ASWA) about the PRN and the supposed benefits of the PRN model. APA (NSW) has repeatedly made its views clear at these meetings, as well as in the public arena, that with current resourcing the ‘Superstations’ will not benefit the community and may even lead to additional delays. To be clear once again, NSWA needs more Paramedics to function effectively without overloading its staff and placing paramedics and the community we serve at risk.

APA (NSW) has also questioned the impacts on the paramedics who not only have structured their lives around the current locations but who often live within the community they serve. NSWA has continuously failed to adequately address the additional travel time required as well as the security concerns that result from a lack of public transport and staff parking.

NSWA stated that they have attempted to keep paramedics close to their current stations, but have acknowledged that this change still has the potential to cause hardship to some. Should this happen NSWA proposes to address this at a local level, though there are no details on this as yet. APA (NSW) acknowledges this is a positive step to mitigate some individual concerns, but the ultimate removal of paramedics from some of these communities cannot be addressed.

APA (NSW) has already been contacted by Paramedics and members of the public who are concerned about the impact it will have on their community. If you are in this position and willing to engage with the local community, please contact to discuss this further.


APA (NSW) Executive Your Choice, Your Voice

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