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2022/23 Award Offer
Posted 28 Jun

2022/23 Award Offer

This week NSW Health provided us with their formal Award offer for 2022/23. The new award would provide Paramedics and Control Centre staff with a 2.53% increase (+0.5% for superannuation).

This increase does represent a shift to the long-standing wage cap, which is thanks to the courage of Paramedics across NSW taking industrial action and raising the alarm over our pay and conditions. But it is clearly not enough. In fact, it’s a pay cut.

We deserve to be recognised for the work we do, the increase in our skills, and the intense pressure we have been under the last three years. We also, like all workers, deserve not to have our wages go backwards. 

So, we want to hear from you: do you think we should accept the 2.53% so it is in our pockets from July on and keep up the fight for more, or reject the offer from NSW Health and continue to push for more. It's important to note that if we do reject the offer, back payment of any won increase is not guaranteed. 

Either way, APA (NSW) is committed to continuing and escalating industrial action, particularly in the lead up to the March 2023 election. A wage increase will be won through the strength of our solidarity and our industrial action, not by asking politely. 

Paramedics have shown they are committed to this fight and the Government is taking notice.

In solidarity,
APA (NSW) Executive

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