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A Significant Win!
Posted 14 Jun

A Significant Win!

Dear Member,

Today, we have had a significant win for both our members and our communities.

The NSW Government has announced they will fund an additional 1800 Paramedics.

We have been calling for increased resourcing for years now, and taking industrial action for months over our concerns about the resourcing crisis.

We welcome the announcement, but most importantly, want to remind each and every member that this achievement is because of YOU. Your decision to take action, your decision to fight not only for our wellbeing, but also the safety of our patients and communities, your decision to not back down. Your efforts have made the Government realise that this is an issue that they must address and your resolve made them realise that we will not be silenced.

We must remember this when we look forwards. Hospitals need help to reduce bedblock. Regional and rural communities still need our support. We need more specialists and 24/7 PTOs statewide. We also urgently need the NSW Government to commit to implementing the recommendations of the Regional Health Inquiry.  And, of course, we need the NSW Government to commit to an end to the wage cap and a real pay rise.

A survey will go out early next week about the next steps of this campaign. Do we accept a part-solution, or fight for system-wide changes?

Again, congratulations to all on exerting your power and winning a real change. We are stronger together.

In solidarity,
APA (NSW) Executive

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