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Current surveys

APA (NSW) runs surveys for a variety of reasons. Some surveys are run continuously to monitor ongoing issues. The following surveys are currently running: 

COVID-19 vaccine access
We have received a large number of reports of Paramedics having their vaccine appointments cancelled due to workload. This survey allows us to demonstrate the extent of the issue to NSW Ambulance and to NSW Health and monitor the issue as the vaccine rollout continues. 

Harassment and discrimination at NSW Ambulance
APA (NSW) wants to know about your experiences of sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, whether you have witnessed, or experienced it, while working for NSW Ambulance. While the People Matters survey indicates there is a problem with the culture at NSW Ambulance, the survey does not delve deeply enough into the issues of harassment and discrimination. This survey was created to address the shortfalls of the People Matters survey and hold NSW Ambulance to account. 

Single officer responses 
Every day across NSW, Paramedics and patients are put at risk when we are responded single. APA (NSW) is fighting hard to get NSW Ambulance to address the issue of single responses, and we need your help!

Friday night deployment levels
Friday night deployment levels continue to be a critical issue across the state. We really appreciate everyone completing this survey each week, we're gathering some significant evidence about how widespread this issue is.