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Fatigue Management Policy
Posted 19 Nov '21

APA (NSW) Member Update: Fatigue Management Policy

25 November 2021

Dear Member,

Consultation continues on the disastrous rollout of new Fatigue Management Policy trial.

APA (NSW) has requested regular consultation meetings with NSW Ambulance (NSWA) and has notified SafeWork NSW of our concerns regarding the implementation process.

As the result of our advocacy, NSWA have agreed to make a number of changes, including removing the restriction on overtime in the first 24 hours following a block of shifts and providing shorter reporting time periods in the fatigue calculator to allow for more accurate reporting. APA (NSW) made the point that due to inadequate education the policy has been applied incorrectly.  NSWA have agreed to create more documentation to clarify particular parts of the policy.

APA (NSW) is still advocating for a more appropriate definition of work-related fatigue, particularly as it relates to the ability to sleep between night shifts. Staff should not be sent home on sick leave when their fatigue is due to the nature of their work.

APA (NSW) is also advocating for more time at the start of shift to undertake the fatigue calculator. We all know that it is impossible to finish all of our pre-shift duties in the first 15 minutes. It’s time NSWA recognise this. Staff should never be asked or expected to complete work prior to the commencement of their shift.

APA (NSW) delegates from the trial sites will continue to raise the issues APA (NSW) members are having with the calculator. We expect NSWA to keep listening and will hold them to account if they won’t.

The responsibility to manage our fatigue is as much our employer’s responsibility as it is ours.

APA (NSW) is of the view that while consultation is ongoing it is each members individual choice whether or not to use the fatigue calculator. If members choose not to use the fatigue calculator, they should still ensure to manage their fatigue.

Regardless of the decision you make, we will continue to advocate for you not to be sent home on sick leave if you are fatigued.

APA (NSW) will not hesitate to go to the Industrial Relations Commission or direct members to opt out of the trial if NSWA ceases their genuine engagement in the consultation process. 


APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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