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ICP Regional Recruitment
Posted 14 Jun

ICP Regional Recruitment

Dear Member,

We are currently going through the consultation process regarding ICP recruitment to large regional centre stations, classed as 'Category A' stations.  

NSW Ambulance has proposed this as the recruitment process.  

APA (NSW) wants to know your views on this proposal, so please email with your feedback. We have annotated the flowchart to make it easier to understand, but if you have any questions please email us. 

This is proposed by NSW Ambulance as a temporary recruitment process until a full ICP complement is reached. NSW Ambulance only has funding for converting existing positions to ICP, not increasing FTE. 

Please note, consultation remains ongoing, with further updates to come. We are particularly concerned about efforts by NSW Ambulance to put location limits on specialist positions—that is, mandating you give up your specialist credentials if you transfer to a small rural/remote station. We will be fighting against this.

In solidarity,

APA (NSW) Executive

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