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Industrial Action Continues
Posted 14 Jun

Industrial Action Continues

Dear Member, 

At the last minute, the NSW Government took APA (NSW) to the IRC over our industrial action. As a result, the IRC recommended we take off our industrial action.

But Paramedics aren’t going to stand down: last week, you told us you wanted to take further action in order to see the NSW Government come to the table.

We will not be complying with the recommendation.

We respect that the IRC has a job to do, but we also have a job to do, and that's fight for our safety at work.

Until first day shift tomorrow (Tuesday 22 March), we will be continuing with our action of refusing all staff movements (including splitting crews, crib aways, going to PRPs, moving for area cover or to fill roster gaps).

Contact APA (NSW) if you encounter any issues.

Click here for further information. Click here for a printable FAQ on the action.

In solidarity,
APA (NSW) Executive Your Choice, Your Voice
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