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Members Vote ‘No’ to 2020-21 Wage Offer
Posted 5 May

APA (NSW) Member Update: Members Vote ‘No’ to 2020-21 Wage Offer 

6 May 2021

Dear member,

Last month, the NSW Government put forward their offer of a 1.04% wage increase for the 2021-22 financial year. Over the past weeks, we’ve been asking you to vote on whether APA (NSW) should accept this, or stand up and fight for something more.

Today, the results are in: members have voted a resounding ‘NO’ to 1.04%.

Over the last year, the Government has demonstrated the contempt they have for frontline workers.

But we’ve also shown that, when we band together, we are capable of standing strong and forcing our voices to be heard.

Our members successfully blocked the passage of wage freeze legislation through the NSW Parliament. Our members successfully took our wage fight to the IRC, where we fought hard to extract a special one-off payment from a Government who tried their best to give us absolutely nothing.

As we set out to win a fairer wage increase for the 2021-22 financial year, we are going to need every member ready to stand up and be part of the fight.

This is the time to talk to your colleagues and to ask yourself: what am I willing to do?

If you think Paramedics in NSW are worth more than this Government is offering, talk to your local Delegate about how to get involved.

If you have great, creative ideas about how to apply pressure and demand better, make sure you let us know.

A union is exactly as powerful as the collective strength and determination of its members—so it’s time to prove exactly how powerful Paramedics can be.

In solidarity, APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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