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Posted 3 Jun '20

Paramedics take action against public sector wage cut

01 June 2020

Today the Australian Paramedics Association (NSW) are commencing industrial action to stand against the announced wage cut by the Premier. For months, Paramedics and other essential workers put our lives and the lives of our families at risk to look after the people of New South Wales during the COVIID-19 Pandemic.

Paramedics across New South Wales are engaging in industrial action in the form of billing bans.

“Due to the restrictive Public Sector Wages policy, we have not seen a real increase in our wages for ten years. Now, while countries across the world are looking after their health care workers, the NSW Premier is giving us a gut punch,” said APA (NSW) President Chris Kastelan.

“To send the Premier a message, Paramedics are engaging in a billing ban and refusing to fill out billing paperwork for patients. Paramedics will always put our patients first, as we have throughout this crisis,” said Mr Kastelan

“We are urging the cross bench to vote against this pay cut this week when it goes before the Parliament,” said Mr Kastelan.

“Many of us have become the sole income earners for our families during this crisis, the last thing we need is a pay cut.”

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