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Recall from isolation update
Posted 18 Jan

Recall from isolation update

Dear Member, 

Yesterday we took NSW Ambulance to the Industrial Relations Commission over the practice of returning staff early from isolation. We had significant concerns for staff and patient safety.

Today the Commission recommended that, for the next 7 days (until 5PM 25th January), while consultation continues,  Paramedics be permitted to refuse to return to duty when they are meant to be isolating as a close contact. The recommendations are available in full here.

The Commission has also recommended that NSW Ambulance conduct a risk assessment on the practice. It is disappointing that NSWA appears to have failed to undertake a risk assessment prior to implementing this practice.

This is a great win for our safety. APA (NSW) recommends that if you are recalled from isolation, and you are not confident that you or your colleagues will be safe at work, you refuse to return.

Importantly, this recommendation only applies until 5PM, 25th January while consultation continues.

We will update you as consultation continues and hold NSW Ambulance accountable to the risks of this practice.

Contact APA (NSW) immediately if you face any issues when refusing to return to work from isolation before 5PM 25th January.

In solidarity,

APA (NSW) Executive

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Recall from isolation update

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