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We Deserve Better
Posted 14 Jun

We Deserve Better

The NSW Government has recently announced a huge increase to Paramedic numbers, a one-off bonus payment, and a revision to the longstanding 2.5% public sector wage cap.

These announcements mark a turning point from a Government which has tried its best to neglect and dismiss the needs of frontline workers. Every Paramedic should stand proud knowing that together, we have made these issues impossible to ignore.

But, these announcements are simply not good enough. Our We Deserve Better campaign has always been a fight for: 

While we celebrate today’s improvements to our service, Paramedics know that we need system wide changes, not just a part-solution.

We will not back down or be placated.

A $3,000 bonus payment is a welcome acknowledgement of how difficult the last three years have been. However, another round of “increases” that are real wage cuts is a slap in the face. The Premier has his head in the sand if he thinks Paramedics will thank him for what amounts to a pay cut in real terms, after inflation.

All workers deserve a real pay rise, not a pay cut 

You will shortly be sent a survey asking for your view on further industrial action to secure better healthcare for regional communities and a real pay rise for Paramedics.

These wins demonstrate the power we have when we stand together. Let’s not accept less than we know we deserve.

In solidarity,
APA (NSW) Executive

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