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Current Industrial Action

APA (NSW) members are currently taking industrial action over the Government's insulting 2.04% wage offer for this year. Paramedics deserve a professional wage. We will not stop fighting until the NSW Government offers us a real wage increase.  For more information on our 2020/21 fight click here. For more information on our 2021/22 fight click here

APA (NSW) members are: 

If you are signed up to an overtime shift at the races or any other sporting event, or asked to respond while on duty, state the following:

“I am an APA (NSW) member and we are currently taking industrial action. I will happily work this event, but will only be able to begin one hour after the scheduled start time."

This is a shot across the bow. If NSW Health refuse to come to the table, we will refuse to go to any sporting event.