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Informational posters

This page links to printable APA (NSW) informational posters about your union and your rights at work. These are up to date as of March 2021. If major policy changes occur, APA (NSW) will endeavour to update these posters at the earliest opportunity. 

Single Responses Survey - Printable QR code poster to report single responses right when they happen 

AUSMED membership - All APA (NSW) members get free access to AUSMED! 

Crib breaks - when you are entitled to crib breaks 

Inappropriate transfers - what to do if you are asked to complete a transfer and you do not believe if it safe for you to do the job 

Discrimination and harassment - a poster linking to our survey on discrimination and harassment at work 

Coming soon:  If you have an issue that arises at your station or in your zone frequently and would like an informational poster on your rights, let us know by emailing and we will work with you to create a resource helpful for you and your colleagues!