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Member of Convenience

A member of convenience is a person whose membership request has been received after a workplace/industrial issue/s has already arisen. Members of convenience are restricted in the legal and industrial support afforded to them by APA (NSW).

APA (NSW) Executive reserves the right to determine what level (if any) of industrial and legal support are allocated to members of convenience. Generally, members of convenience are to be afforded industrial support from APA (NSW) Liaison Officers. Industrial advice from the APA (NSW) Industrial Team is only afforded if the Executive believes such advice is warranted and approves the advice. Legal support & advocacy in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission or any other relevant Court or Tribunal is not generally provided to members of convenience unless authorised by the APA (NSW) Executive. APA (NSW) may wish to provide legal support for members of convenience if the industrial issue/s involved is of significance to APA (NSW)’s membership.

The abovementioned restrictions do not apply to any new workplace/industrial issue/s that arise after membership is approved that has no connection to the workplace/industrial issue/s which arose prior to membership.