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Skills Upgrade Industrial Action
Posted 19 Jan '23

Skills Upgrade Industrial Action

19 Jan 2023

Dear members,

We recently surveyed you on your views on the proposed skill upgrades NSW Ambulance have implemented into the MCPD program for this upcoming year.

Universally, we had concerns raised with us over the lack of consultation on the implementation of these skills, the lack of time to undertake the Janison training, the lack of training time for the practical components, and the fact that once again, we are asked to be doing more and more, for less and less pay.

The vast majority of APA (NSW) members voted against taking on the skills increase without our concerns being addressed. 

As such, APA (NSW) members should: 

APA (NSW) should decline this training until such a time that the NSW Government and NSW Ambulance notify APA (NSW) of their intention to: 

If you have already trained and been signed off in these skills, in accordance with your obligations as a registered practitioner you should use them where required when on road. 

If you are asked to attend MCPD, you can respond by stating: “I will happily attend. However, I will not be undertaking training in the Corpuls3T, needle thoracostomy, or CPAP-PEEP. If there are any concerns about this, please raise them with my union”.

In solidarity,

APA (NSW) Executive

Your Choice, Your Voice

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