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UNION WIN: Recording Capability on Corpuls3T Machines Disabled
Posted 27 Jan

UNION WIN: Recording Capability on Corpuls3T Machines Disabled

27 Jan 2023

Dear members,

For months, APA (NSW) has been reiterating our concerns about the safety, ethics and legality of the audio recording component of the corpuls3T device, which turns on automatically whenever the device is in defib mode.

We raised concerns that the recording component could impact the therapeutic relationship, that it could put Paramedic safety at risk, and that there were issues around patient and bystander privacy that had to be considered. We also had concerns about how the records would be stored, utilised and who could access them.

Yesterday, NSW Ambulance informed APA (NSW) that they will be disabling the recording component until further work is done to look at and address the concerns we have raised. They will consult with us prior to turning the recording component back on.

Great work to every member and delegate who raised the alarm and fought against this unnecessary addition to an otherwise great piece of kit.

Further updates to come around next steps.

In solidarity,

APA (NSW) Executive

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